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Frequently Asked Questions

Drug Crimes Attorney in Gainesville

For a closer look at your case and an outstanding legal representation, contact a Gainesville drug crimes attorney as soon as possible.
  • If I intend to plead guilty, do I still need an attorney?
    The simple answer to this question is yes. A skilled legal counsel can ensure that you receive fair and just treatment and that your penalties are minimized while your future endeavors and possibilities for success are maximized. There is a distinct and important balance in the justice system between prosecution and defense, and without the help of a Gainesville drug crimes lawyer, you could be putting yourself at significant risk, even in the case of a simple plea.
  • What are some of the potential legal challenges raised in drug crime defenses?
    Most commonly, challenges in drug cases stem from how evidence was obtained by law enforcement. Sometimes police overstep boundaries, violating a person's constitutional rights against illegal search and seizure or self-incrimination. Tainted evidence can be thrown out by a judge, putting the prosecution's chances at a successful case at serious risk. The successful suppression of illegally obtained evidence can even lead to the dismissal of the charges against you.
  • What are mandatory minimum sentences?
    Florida has some of the most stringent mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes in the country. Through legislative directive, judges must follow strict guidelines when sentencing someone convicted of a drug crime, allowing for little or no leniency or leeway through the bench's discretion. Coupled with strict federal sentencing standards, these laws can put you at serious risk of long prison terms and steep fines. Kinsell Law Firm will tenaciously fight for mitigation or dismissal of charges against you, seeking to protect you from the negative repercussions of mandatory minimum sentencing.
  • What is the role of the grand jury in a drug case?
    A grand jury is called together by the prosecutor to gather and examine evidence about suspected criminal activity. Through the reviewing of evidence and testimony of witnesses, a grand jury will decide whether enough evidence exists to issue an indictment. A grand jury is required to issue a drug crime indictment in Florida for both state and federal charges.

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